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Mini Post – Rome In Numbers


Today let’s discuss numbers. Here are some interesting numbers relating to the Eternal City:

238 – the number of beautiful and unique fountains in Rome
900 – that’s roughly how many functioning churches there are in Rome today
$1.5 Million – how much money was thrown in the Trevi Fountain in 2016. And all this was donated to a local charity!
9 million – the number of visitors Rome gets each year!
13 – this is how many tours Republic Rome have to offer, each personally tailored and fitted to you. Why not experience the above with us?

From 19

This unique experience is half bar crawl, half walking tour – If you’re looking to check out some bars, socialise and have a drink but also learn some history, then you’re in the right place!

We will meet in one of Rome’s most beautiful Piazzas, a favourite spot for locals to socialise in the evenings. After getting to know each other over a beer or wine, we’ll head to a hidden memorial and then to great local pub for some pizza (on us!) and of course another drink.