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Quarantine In Rome & Food Baskets

Local Heroes: Roman Shopkeepers Offer Free Food to the Vulnerable

In a remarkable show of solidarity, Roman shopkeepers have been hanging baskets of food from their windows so that the city’s most vulnerable people won’t go hungry during the coronavirus crisis.

Few countries have been hit harder than Italy by the coronavirus. Nevertheless, their strength and optimism over the last few weeks have offered inspiration to people all around the world. Whether it’s been singing from the rooftops, or applauding doctors and nurses, Italians have fought covid-19 with the passion and enthusiasm that they are so renowned for.

In recent weeks, some Italians have found it increasingly difficult to afford food. Both homeless people and those whose income has fallen have found it difficult to make ends meet. Fortunately, across Italy, shop owners have been distributing free food to those most in need.

In Piazza Bologna, located in the north-west of Rome, local businesses were some of the first to join forces to feed those in need. Jamal, owner of a local convenience store, has been leaving out packages of essentials such as tinned tomatoes, spaghetti and meat. Just down the road, Edmond, the owner of Bon Pan Oven, has been hanging baskets of freshly made pizza bread from the shop’s windows every morning. Speaking to Il Messaggero, he emphasized that it wasn’t just homeless people in need of help, but large families who had fallen on hard times.

Residents have also been contributing food and essentials. Baskets often have written notes attached to them saying ‘Si hai bisogno prendi! Se puoi metti!’, ‘If you need, take! If you can, give!’. Thanks to these impromptu community initiatives, Rome’s most vulnerable residents can still enjoy cucina romana.

While Rome is still battling hard against the virus, some good news has finally begun to emerge from Italy. The death rate has begun to fall and the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, has said that quarantine measures could be relaxed at the end of the month. There’s a long road ahead. But, if Romans continue to display these incredible acts of kindness, everything will be alright. Or, as the Italians say, Andrà tutto bene.