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Pompeii Tours (Duplicate)

Tour Details

Adult 18+ y.o.
Youth 6 - 17 y.o.
Child 0 - 5 y.o.

Discover Pompeii on a guided tour

Explore a world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Site for two hours with the help of your expert guide, who will take you around the city preserved by volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius’ eruption in AD 79.

You will begin with no lines; after skipping the line you will enter the city at Porta Marina Superiore, one of the ancient city’s seven gates. We will then wander through the main streets and explore around the Forum, the centre of the city and the hustle of public life. From here it is possible to see Pompeii’s undoing, Mount Vesuvius, overlooking the city.

Explore ancient sites such as the Basilica (business and legal center), thermal baths, temples, bakery and the Great Theater of Pompeii. Listen to interesting stories from your archeological guide, who will tell you about people who lived in Pompeii and give you a feel for the time. You will also see the plaster casts of people who were in the city at the time of the eruption and are preserved forever in their final moments.

See artworks, mosaics, and frescoes in various places that are well-maintained and will take you back nearly 2,000 years. Highlights include the House of the Vetti and the Lupanar Brothel. Find out how this famous brothel got its name and see its preserved stone beds and frescoes.

Get great tips from your guide at the end of the tour about how to spend the rest of your day. Get directions to the sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, the local cathedral that is located close to the excavation site. You can also get directed to the Amphitheater and Orto dei Fuggiasch.