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Gelato Tour

Tour Details

Adult 18+ y.o.
Youth 10 - 17 y.o.
Child 0 - 9 y.o.

Find the best gelato in Rome

Myself or my colleague will meet you in Piazza Di Spagna next to Fontana della Barcaccia a beautiful baroque style fountain.

After we will proceed to walk towards the famous Trevi Fountain, where we will become your personal photographers. We will help you get the best shots of you and your loved one or family members next to the fountain, talk about its history and show you one of its traditions.

After stopping next to the fountain we will then make our way towards the Pantheon, the house of the gods, and one of the best-preserved Roman buildings still standing. We will explain its unique structure and Oculus.

The next part of the tour will be a favourite with the younger audiences or those with a sweet tooth! We will stop off at a famous Gelataria (Italian ice cream shop). Here we will give you some information about the most loved flavours, how to tell the real gelato from the ‘fake’ and share our favourite flavours (chocolate & lemon).

Finally, we will make our way to Piazza Navona known as the artist square; this is home to one of the most beautiful fountains in Rome the Fiumi Fountain. We will explain all about it on the night.

We will leave you here right in the centre and offer any directions or recommendations at the end of the experience.

What to Bring

A photo ID