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Venice Ghost Walking Tour

Tour Details

Per Group
Private charter Max 9 People

Discover the ghosts and legends of Venice on this tour

When the sun sets over Venice, another side of the city comes to life. In a city as old as Venice, every stone has a story to tell and some of these stories can be dark and sinister.

Join us on a nighttime adventure through the eerie streets of Venice where crowds of ghosts, devils, mermaids, and vampires come out and haunt the city.

The guide will unveil the secret and mysterious side of Venice, telling you all the hidden secrets that hide behind the walls of these old buildings and the legends and ghost stories that keep Venice kids up at night. The guide will take you to secret walkways, on the tracks left by old ghosts and mysteries.

This Venice ghost tour is not for the faint of heart as you may come face to face with a ghost or, if you’re lucky, even more than one!