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Haunted Rome

Tour Details

Adult 12+ y.o.

Rome ghost tour

When the sun sets over Rome, another side of the city comes to life. In a city as ancient as Rome, every stone has a story to tell and some of these stories can be dark and sinister.

Join our tour for a nighttime adventure through the eerie streets of Rome where crowds of ghosts of emperors, popes and artists come out and haunt the city.

You will hear about ghosts, gruesome executions, murders, and all the legends and ghost stories that keep Roman kids up at night. The guide will take you to secret backstreets and hidden corners of the Eternal City, on the tracks left by old ghosts and mysteries.

With a storytelling, English-speaking guide, groups of no more than 12 people, and a beautiful stroll through narrow streets between the grand monuments and opulent churches, this tour is sure to leave you even more fascinated by Rome.

This tour is not for the faint of heart as you may come face to face with a ghost or, if you’re lucky, even more than one!

What to Bring

Wear comfortable shoes